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Air-conditioning and Maintenance Perth

Air-conditioning and Maintenance Services

DandL_electrical_and_air_perth_MYAIRThe team at D&L Electrical and Air are your best choice air-conditioning installer & service provider. Offering a wide range of Reverse Cycle Inverter Ducted Systems and Split Systems from world leading suppliers with the combined support of components from Polyaire. We can provide advice on the most economical system to meet your air-conditioning needs and a regular maintenance program to keep your system running at its optimal performance.

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Our air-conditioning services

  • Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems
  • Reverse Cycle Split Systems
  • Ducted Evaporative Systems
  • Air-conditioning upgrades
  • Commercial assessments, installations and repairs - our specialty
  • Multi-storey installs
  • Routine service and maintenance programs
  • General air-conditioning service



  • Moving into a new home? Call us for a free assessment on whether a fully ducted or split system solution will work best for you.
  • Just needing an upgrade? Get in touch for friendly advice - your current system might just need a touch of care and maintenance.


  • Call the team at D&L Electrical and Air for an economical system that will work best for your business.

Handy tips

  • Keep the outdoor unit clear of all obstructions and always make sure the coils and the drains are clear of dirt and leaves. Depending on the system, this may require a service call from a professional.
  • If the system is not producing as much cold or hot air as it should, this may be an indication of airflow problems. Your system may require servicing.
  • We recommend operating your system at 22 degrees in winter and 24 degrees in summer.

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